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Fair Oaks Nursery & Garden Center
134 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Madison, WI
Mon-Fri. 9-7 Sat. 9-6 Sun. 10-6
Garden Supplies
Mulch / Dirt
Halloween Decor
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Mulch & Black Dirt
We carry a full line of mulch and landscaping products. Delivery available in Madison and surrounding areas.  Please call for a delivery quote.  (2 yard minimum for delivery)
Mulch Calculator Mulch Calculator
Wisconsin Recommends a mulch depth of 3 inches.
If your looking for something not listed please give us a call.
Spring & Summer
Bark Mulch
Shredded Top Soil
Leaf Compost Mulch
Crushed Red Granite
#2 Washed Stone
3/4 in. Crushed Limestone
Paver/Torpedo Sand
Sand Box Sand (Playsand)